Meet Vivien

Vivien Renziehausen is a German photographer; backpacking the world since she is 18 years old. So far, she has been to more than 43 countries with more to come. There are some places she is really attached to, like her hometown Bremen, Germany, beautiful Dahab in South Sinai, Egypt, or the island of Roatán, Honduras. 

For Vivien, exploration is one of the most rewarding experiences and exactly what she captures in her work. With her eyes drawn to symmetry, lighting and the vastness and beauty of our planet, Vivien gives you the opportunity to see the awesomeness of great architecture as well as the beauty and abundance of nature all over the world. To say she does simple real estate or architecture photography would be an understatement – with her incredible sense for aesthetics, details, light and beauty, she creates outstanding artistic architecture portraits.  

“I have been fascinated by the complexity and perfect interaction of a man-made concrete jungle and nature all my life. Portraying an architect’s creation as the artistic statement that it is or capturing special moments, life and adventure found in nature just makes me happy. When I do brand photo shootings it is my main goal to portray the very essence of the person or the brand – authenticity is key.” 

Her images have been featured and gained recognition in different well-known magazines and platforms such as the Landscape Photography Magazine, Tokyo International Foto Awards, The Luxembourg Art Prize, View Bug and some local newspapers. Vivien is known for playing with different lighting conditions and combining man-made architecture with the myriad of colors that nature and landscape has to offer. 


“Photography makes me humble. It keeps me sane because it reminds me how small I am in comparison to this perfect and stunning Creation. It gives me a different perspective of my daily struggles and problems and makes me feel the presence of something greater. I want to show people how amazingly beautiful our planet is. Greatness and genius can be found in buildings, homes and nature alike, right at our doorstep, we just have to open our eyes, hearts and minds to experience it.” 

Almost always in a good mood, her easy-going, spontaneous and flexible nature lets her adapt quickly to sudden changes of plans, weather conditions or other unplanned surprises. Vivien is very easy to work with, always willing to go the extra mile and available for bookings worldwide.  

Also, she is the CEO and founder of her company This Wonderful Life, where she can live her creativity to the fullest, dive into brand photography and gets in touch with interesting people and businesses from all over the world. 

“When somebody tells me that my photographs made their day a bit brighter and that they almost feel as if they were there and my photograph created an emotion within them – that is what makes me really happy and keeps me going. I couldn’t ask for a bigger compliment.” 

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