Creative architecture portraits from around the world

The value of architecture photography


Architectural photography allows people to virtually visit a building they may never get the opportunity to see with their own eyes in their lifetime but architecture photography is a difficult task. It takes some experience, trial and error, technique and patience to create outstanding images that not only document buildings. Good architecture photography can be captivating, moving and should be considered as art.

The architect has put his heart, work, a part of his lifetime and knowledge in the design of a building so it deserves to be captured and presented in the best way possible. In most cases the architect already has a certain result in mind therefore it is indispensable that the architect and the photographer communicate well. With the pictures of a building it is possible for the architect to communicate and showcase his work, create media attention and actively shape epochs of architecture. Without architectural photography, architects would quickly run out of work – and without architecture, architectural photographers would have no work. There are many factors that exert influence on the outcome of a photo, such as experience, equipment, preparation and clarity about the desired result.


Architecture photography – a visual descpription of buildings

Architecture photography also has an informational and documentational function. It describes buildings visually and shows them in the context of time. In addition, architectural photography has a big influence on cultural developments by not only documenting buildings, but interpreting and commenting on them. Entire stylistic epochs are shaped not only by architects, but also by photographers.

When working with architectural photographers, architects and clients should always keep in mind these functions and design options.