People & Brand Photography

You are looking for individual, authentic photos that show your true you? You need photos that convey your company’s message visually?

When you are planning a brand photography shooting with Vivien, forget about photo studios and the common headshots. Vivien will want to work with you in your natural habitat to create a collection of professional images that represent the very essence of yourself or your brand. Her goal is to visually communicate who you are, what you do and what differentiates you. You can consider these images a visual journey that shows the many layers of your personality and your business, your message and your true, authentic self.

Below you find a short outline of how a personal or brand photography session with Vivien works. Every project is different and we are excited to learn about yours! Please use the contact form at the bottom to get in touch with us!


How it works

01 Introductory chat

You start with a 20-minute Zoom conversation to see if Vivien and you are a good fit. If the chemistry is not right and you cannot be yourself, chances are quite low that you will get the photos you desire. We make sure your photography goals and budget meet what Vivien offers and can deliver.

02 Tell your story

Once the contract and estimate are approved, you will receive a detailed questionnaire to fill out on your own. This survey is essential for brand photography as it explores your brand foundation like your purpose, values, and core message, along with your photography goals.

03 Let's get creative!

After the questionnaire is complete, we ask you to create an idea board in Canva or Pinterest, to which you pin visuals and ideas that inspire you and represent the look and feel of what you wish to have. We use this tool as a starting point for the creative discussion.

04 Strategy call

After your questionnaire and idea board are complete, we set up a personal meeting or by Zoom to review your answers and the visual inspiration. We brainstorm ideas and outline story concepts. We chat about locations, outfits and accessories. This is when the creative storytelling unfolds and when we define our creative photography strategy.

05 Shoot schedule

We pick a shoot date (and backup date) based on everyone’s availability. We create a detailed outline of the day provide a shot list that we review together to ensure that every picture we want to capture is covered in our schedule. We select three to four locations for the shoot. You should have three to five outfits prepared from head to toe (tops, bottoms, accessories, shoes).

06 The big day

Vivien will arrive a little before the agreed start time. Once you are ready, we get started and usually drive together to the different locations. Depending on your wishlist, Vivien takes a combination of photos: headshots, lifestyle (you in action), environmental (you with the setting/location), closeups, action shots or shots with your pet if that is part of the desired result and various moods, expressions, and emotions. It’s a busy, fun-filled day!

07 Review & download

Within 5 business days, we have your private online gallery ready for your review. The images in your gallery are all soft edits and not fully finished. You pick your favorite images (with Vivien’s help if necessary) and once your selections are made, Vivien will start editing.

Once your images are fully edited and finished, you are able to download by Dropbox. You now have a complete library of high-resolution storytelling visuals that you can use across all marketing platforms.

08 Support

After the shoot and images are delivered, we continue to highlight your photos on our website, newsletters, social media, and so forth as they fit in our branding. Of course, we always tag you in order to share your brand!

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