Residential & real estate photography

for private individuals & brokers


Professional residential and real estate photography is one of the most important factors for successful marketing. Images generate emotions and are the main reason why someone decides to visit. Photos are like a property's calling card - they stick in your head and ensure that a prospective buyer gets an idea of ÔÇőÔÇőthe living environment. As an expert in the field of real estate photography, I find the perfect vantage point, the best perspective, attractive detailed shots and meaningful image sections for every room.

Just like when preparing for an architecture shoot, I also have a detailed conversation with the client beforehand when photographing real estate in order to understand their ideas and wishes. Especially for objects with large glass fronts, I like to create a lighting concept for a shoot at sunset or during the twilight hour. In general, it is always my goal to capture the combination of functionality and design and to illustrate it in a stylish way.

Professional HDR photos

In order to stage your premises professionally even in difficult lighting conditions and to increase the dynamic range, I also work with manual HDR recordings, which are all perfectly post-processed by me.

As a fan of a minimalist, efficient and natural way of working, I take photos without complex lighting setups if possible. On the one hand, this realistically reproduces the natural lighting mood of the room, saves working time on site and, on the other hand, it is also reflected in your costs as a client due to less equipment.

Trust my many years of experience and expertise in real estate photography and market your property quickly and successfully with my high-quality images.