“Buildings are like people. Only when they open up we can see their beautiful interior.”

“Buildings are like people. Only when they open up we can see their beautiful interior.”

Interior photography - the bridge between viewer and object

An interior design photographer visually builds a bridge between the viewer and the object. In one image he represents both the skill of the architect and the utility of the space. Architects usually have a precise idea of ​​how their project should affect the observer or visitor, what atmosphere it should create and what it should convey, both in terms of the external architecture and the interior.

Just like when preparing for an architecture shoot, I also have a detailed conversation with the architect, engineer, property developer or client beforehand in order to understand their vision and wishes. Together we consider motifs, perspectives and moods, natural lighting conditions, existing artificial light sources, the presence or absence of employees or customers and other special features.

Especially for objects with large glass fronts I like to design a lighting concept for a shoot at sunset or during the twilight hour. In general, it is always my goal to capture the combination of functionality and design and to illustrate it in a stylish way.

Professional HDR shots

In order to present your rooms professionally even in difficult lighting conditions and to increase the dynamic range, I like to create manual HDR shots, which are all perfectly post-processed by me.

As a fan of a minimalist, efficient way of working, I generally take photos without complex lighting setups. On the one hand, this reproduces the natural lighting mood of the room realistically, saves working time on site and is also reflected in your costs as a client due to less equipment.

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Frequently asked questions

Why interior design photography?

Good photos of a building's interior design bridge the distance between the viewer and the subject. They combine design and functionality in one picture.

What is important when shooting interior design?

Good lighting conditions are as important as understanding the client's idea of ​​what the images should say and convey.

How much does it cost?

Interior photography is similar to architectural photography: every job is different and it's impossible to set a flat rate. Factors such as the location, the scope of the order and the desired licenses have a significant impact on the price.