Hotel and architecture photography


As a hotel manager you know: on average, a guest looks at a few hotels (websites) before making a booking decision.

So the question is: how do you make your hotel stand out from the crowd and convince the potential guest to book with you and not your competitors?

Brand identity through exclusive hotel photography

The answer to that is relatively simple. By creating a clear brand identity. Show your hotel's personality, not just its amenities. Engage the guest on an emotional level by letting the soul of your hotel speak through the photos on your website and your social media channels. Don't let the guest just see what awaits them, but feel it. With atmospheric detail shots, you can reflect the atmosphere and personality of your hotel and create the desire in your potential guests to book a stay immediately.

“In an age where almost every holiday is booked over the Internet, professional photos for hotels are essential. It doesn't matter whether it's a small boutique hotel or big resort, the images in the catalogue, on the website or in social media are crucial to the success of your hotel. 

As a hotel photographer, I take photos of the right quality for use on your website, social media or for printing in the highest resolution for print media. Create emotions in your potential guests with professional photos and deliver an unforgettable overall impression of your hotel - from the reception to the wellness area.

Increase occupancy & stay competitive

Exclusive shots taken at dusk put your hotel in the limelight and stay in your head. The interplay of natural and artificial light during the twilight phase is skilfully worked out and emphasized in professional post-processing.

With professional photos, you not only increase your occupancy, but are also an attractive employer for qualified personell and remain competitive.

I work in northern Germany as well as on Mykonos, Greece, and worldwide.

Selected projects

Kivotos Hotel, Mykonos

Pelican Bay Hotel, Mykonos

Bianco a Nero Hotel, Mykonos