Commercial photography with character


Special rooms and products deserve special pictures. I love using the natural environment and daylight to add character to your building or commercial space. 

Commercial spaces such as sales areas, offices or public buildings - I always try to avoid additional lighting as far as possible and only use and present the existing light sources. This reflects the space or product as it is without distorting it.

Especially in buildings with large window areas, there are many great possibilities for using natural daylight and capturing different lighting moods depending on the time of day and thus creating different emotions.

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Selected projects & references

Lunettes, Mykonos

Nikolas Taverna, Mykonos

Plangrad Architekten, Bremen

Neos Bremen

Whirlpool & Living

Frequently Asked Questions

Was ist Commercial Photography?

Fotografie für Commercial Spaces, also Verkaufsflächen, Geschäfte, Bürogebäude oder öffentliche Gebäude stellt den Zweck und Nutzen in Bildern dar.

Wann braucht man Commercial Photography?

Commercial Photography wird für kurz- und langfristige Werbezwecke benötigt, zum Beispiel für Kataloge, Website, Broschüren, alle Arten von Werbematerialien, Rundschreiben oder Fachartikel.