Alle Unternehmer:innen in Bremen & umzu (bis zu 30km) können von Juni-August von unserer Aktion „Unternehmer:innen im Fokus“ profitieren:

    • 2 Stunden Fotoshooting
    • inkl. professioneller Visagistin & Stylistin
    • Outfitberatung
    • 3x Outfitwechsel
    • in Ihrem Büro/Unternehmen oder im Studio – Sie entscheiden!

    Creative and authentic company portraits

    Do you want photos that visually convey the message of your company? Then look no further.

    If you are planning a business shooting with me, please forget about photo studios and the common headshots. I create a collection of professional images that reflect the soul, values ​​and philosophy of your company 100% authentically - and that doesn't work in a studio, but where life really happens: in the company. This can be at a desk, on a construction site, in a shop, on a horse, under water, outdoors or in a barn full of chickens - your business, your location!

    My goal is to use company portraits to visually communicate who you are, what you do and what makes you different. Think of these images as a visual journey that reveals the many layers of your business and its message. Small and large details are just as important as your employees, business premises or other elementary components of your company.

    Company portraits for your image

    Paul Watzlawik said "One cannot not communicate". Every interaction with your company is a form of communication that should be actively shaped rather than left to chance. Professional company portraits are the key to success.

    According to your ideas and visions, I capture the soul of your company and present what deserves special attention: extraordinary furniture, special work equipment or special machines.

    In a detailed preliminary discussion we clarify everything that is necessary for your vision of a successful company portrait. We determine the scope of the shooting (rooms, employees, locations), for what purpose the images are needed and what message is to be conveyed. I always keep your branding in mind so that the photos match or complement your already existing imagery.

    Nice employees, nice image

    For me it is important to present your employees in a natural and authentic way because they play a key role in shaping the company's image. Team photos, individual or group portraits - everything is possible and preferably in normal, everyday situations at the respective workplace. So far, with my easy-going, humorous and uncomplicated manner, I have always managed to coax even the most camera-shy employees out of their shells and in the end be able to give them photos they love.

    If you are looking for a professional partner for company portraits in Bremen or the surrounding area, contact me for an introductory meeting. I will help you to present your company in a unique and authentic way.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is a company portrait?

    Company portraits are the visual presentation of a company including all relevant components such as the premises, production areas, everyday situations, special machines or products, moods, buildings and employees.

    Why do you need company portraits?

    Company portraits are required, for example, for the website, brochures, advertising materials or specialist articles.