"Architectural photography documents, interprets, educates and connects."

"Architectural photography documents, interprets, educates and connects."

Architectural photography in Bremen and worldwide

Successful architectural photography depends on many factors, for example the photographer's experience, eye and equipment, but also lighting conditions, weather and, most importantly, the agreement and basic understanding between the client and the photographer.

The architect puts his heart, his work, a part of his life and an incredible amount of knowledge into the design of a building, so it should also be presented professionally and in the best way possible. Oftentimes the architect already has a specific result in mind, which is why it is essential that the architect and the photographer communicate well in advance.

Architectural photography connects people

Architectural photography allows people to virtually visit a building that, for various reasons, they may never see with their own eyes in their lifetime. Good architectural photography doesn't just document a building; it captivates, moves and can be considered as art.

With high-quality images, the architect, ingenieur or owner can present their building professionally, attract media attention and thus actively help shape epochs.

Architectural photography informs and documents. It describes buildings visually and presents them in the context of time. Many stylistic epochs are shaped not only by architects, but also by photographers.

Understand the value

Good architectural photography is a complex subject and does not come about by chance. The mutual respect between client and photographer and a comprehensive understanding of the vision is the cornerstone for a first-class result. Good preparation and cooperation is therefore essential for a successful implementation on site.‍‍

I would like to understand your intention and the special characteristics of the building in order to bring it to life, bring out its character and make its value and use easily understandable.

Professional post-processing and image correction is always part of what I offer. Also I am happy to advise you regarding necessary licenses.

Contact me today for a free introductory meeting, in which we discuss your project, your vision and all conditions and find out if we are a good fit.

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Frequently asked questions

Architectural photography - what's important?

An architectural photographer should always understand and be able to implement the architect's vision because he often has a precise idea of ​​what he wants to say and convey. Therefore, good communication between the client and the photographer is essential.

Why architectural photography?

Architectural photography makes it possible for people to virtually visit a building that they will probably never see with their own eyes. Architectural photography visually explains the use of a building, documents and interprets it.

How much does architectural photography cost?

Prices depend on the location,the scope of the job and the desired licenses. Since no project is the same, it is impossible to have an all-inclusive offer. Please contact me for your custom project.