The success and the money you attract is a direct reflection of how much you are in alignment with what you do.

Make better photos

For me, photography means interpreting the scene andand expressing yourself.

Transferring the moment to the viewer. Showing my personality through my work.

When shooting in RAW format, a finished photo consists of 2 equal parts: the photography itself and the post-processing.

While a JPG file is automatically processed by the camera software in the background, a raw file does not correspond to reality. A raw file is flat, colorless, and imbalanced.

That's why post-processing is essential - as little as possible but as much as necessary. Image editing means capturing the memory of the moment, bringing the scene to life and presenting it as you remember it.

Post-processing does not mean to alter the picture. Adding something that wasn't there (birds, moon, milky way, etc.) has nothing to do with post-production and distorts the scene. It neither reflects the memory of the moment nor reality.

Especially in architectural photography there is the challenge of converging lines. Perspective distortion caused by the lens does not at all represent the building as it was built and perceived. 

Everyone has a different memory of the moment the picture was taken, of the emotions, smells, air, the environment….  Reality, mood and perception is different for everyone. A photographer is an artist and everyone has their own style and ways of expressing themselves. It is all the more important to find your own style that reflects the personality of the artist.

Learn post-processing or book your private tour 

Photo Editing Magic


  • together we edit your own photos (landscape, architecture, animals, street) in Lightroom
  • I show you my workflow and my tipps and tricks in post-processing - step by step
  • we start where you are - no matter if you are a beginner or advanced
  • 90 minutes of intense 1:1 training via Zoom, only you and me and your photos
  • Topic of your choice: simple Lightroom editing, basics, HDR, photography tipps, masking etc.
  • the Zoom Call will be recorded so that you can re-watch every step again

Private Photo Tour


You want to improve your skills in architecture, landscape, street or animal photography?

You want to make better photos in general?

You want to have a day of photo shooting with me by your side and/or post-process your photos together?

At the moment I am offering private photo tours on Mykonos, Santorini, in Athens and northern Germany as well as any other place in this world (upon request). Please use the contact form below for your individual request.

Private tour daily rate: 999,-‚ā¨ plus tax

Depending on the location, season and your individual wishes I create a personalized schedule. To get the most out of our time together, I recommend booking a few days in a row.

The daily rate includes transportation and my personal guidance but no meals or accomodation (but of course I can help you with that)

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