"NFT - that's the way to collect art in today's crypto age"

Until now, art collecting and buying has mainly taken place in physical spaces, but with access to the NFT market new opportunities come up in the internet. Photography as digital art is particularly popular among collectors in the crypto scene.

My NFT collections are currently only available on Opensea:



Incredible Meteora



Meteora is a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site in Central Greece. Despite immense difficulties, 24 monasteries were built on top of almost inaccessible sandstone peaks and were inhabited by monks from the 11th century on. Today there are still 6 monasteries, some of them are open to the public, and their 16th-century frescoes are a fundamental stage in the development of post-Byzantine painting. In my Meteora NFT collection I have captured these incredible monasteries and the beautiful surrounding nature.



A vision of beauty



"A vision of beauty": my greatest landscape works from all over the world. You will find everything from distant desert images to colorful forests, dreamy sunsets and protected UNESCO World Heritage Sites worldwide. Get carried away and relax by immersing yourself in my images in this exclusive series.