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How to get the most out of your architecture, landscape, street or animal photography in Lightroom and bring the WOW effect to your pictures.




Yes I'm in!

Your photos. Your level. Your questions. You & me. 90 minutes. Intensive 1:1.

Photo Editing Magic is for you if....


  • you are a beginner or advanced and you want to take your editing skills to the next level and have fun doing it
  • you want to learn how I edit my landscape, architecture, animal or street photos in Lightroom
  • you want to improve your photography skills in general
  • you want to find and consolidate your style
  • you want to let your personality shine through your pictures
  • you want to bring the WOW effect to your pictures
  • you want to learn my tips and tricks hands-on your own photos in a 90 minute 1:1 training
  • you do not want to have an online course but a personal and individual training in photo editing
  • none of your questions should remain unanswered
  • you want to you would like to get honest feedback and tips for your architecture, landscape, animal or street photography

Due to the personal 1:1 training this one time offer has limited availability so you better be quick!

Get the exclusive January starter price of only 277,-€ now!

Vivien Renziehausen


I am a professional architectural photographer. I started with landscape photography many years ago and I am often asked how I edit my pictures to create such a special look. Well, there are two factors. Photography itself is all about capturing the perfect moment and being in the right place at the right time, but finishing the image in post-processing is an equally important part of a photographer's skill set.

Jeder Fotograf hat seinen eigenen Workflow, seinen eigenen Stil und seine eigene Technik. Ich möchte dir helfen, mit meiner Erfahrung und meinen Workflows deinen eigenen Stil zu festigen, sicherer und schneller in deiner Nachbearbeitung zu werden und Fotos mit Wow-Effekt zu schaffen.

Photography captures moments and emotions. I'll give you tips on composition and technique in your photography and help you to bring your personality and a touch of magic to your photos.

Fotobusiness Training

Beginner or advanced?

Doesn't matter - I pick you up where you are. Step by step, we first look at your photos and then your workflow in image processing, identify potential for improvement and more efficiency in your processes and give your photos your very personal wow effect.

Learn the techniques

I will explain to you focus stacking, noise stacking, panoramas, brushing, etc., what you have to pay attention to when taking photos and how you can naturally post-process your pictures so that you can reproduce the scene as you saw it.

Architectural photography made easy

Photographing architecture properly is a challenge in itself; the post-processing again. I'll tell you my tips and tricks on how I photograph buildings and interiors and then skilfully edit them!

Why 1:1 and not an online course?


  • I like individuals. Everyone is different and at a different point. I really want to help those who invest in themselves as best as I can, and I think that's only possible personally. Bringing your own style and personality to your photos raises many individual questions that cannot be answered in an online course.
  • Internet, software and technology are very fast-paced. An online course is outdated in no time and would have to be constantly updated.
  • Efficiency. A 1:1 training is far more efficient, because we start exactly where you are, go from there and deal with all the things that are on the way to your goal.
  • Training on the job. We edit your own pictures together - no example pictures that you didn't take yourself and therefore have neither a connection nor emotion to them, nor can you understand the technique used to create the picture.
  • Personality. A personal relationship between my clients and me is very important to me. In the age of the Internet, where everything has become anonymous, the personal aspect often is lfet behind. If I understand who you are, I can also help you bring your personality into your pictures.

Attention: Due to the personal 1:1 training there is limited availability! Make sure to get one of the rare places to this one time offer January price!

How does it work?

It's really simple:

  1. You click on the button and you will be forwarded to the order form, where you can book the Editing Magic for 277,-€
  2. In your order confirmation you will find the link to schedule our appointment. There you can choose your time slot for our video call.
  3. You will receive a confirmation for the appointment and a link to our video call (Zoom)
  4. We will see each other at our appointment and spend 90 magical minutes together!


What basic knowledge do I need?

Basic knowledge of Lightroom or similar photo editing software would be helpful but it is not mandatory. Beginners are very welcome, but you need a basic knowledge of copying and handling your files.

Which software do I need to book this offer?

You need Lightroom Classic – better is the Adobe photo plan (about 11 € per month), which includes both Photoshop and Lightroom Classic. 

Windows, Mac, doesn't matter?

I work with a Mac but of course you can also use a Windows PC. Some shortcuts are slightly different but that's not a problem.

How does it work?

Nachdem du das Angebot gebucht hast, bekommst du zu der vereinbarten Zeit einen Zoom-Link zugeschickt. Unser 90 Minuten 1:1 findet dann via Zoom statt und wird auch aufgezeichnet, so dass du dir hinterher jederzeit die einzelnen Arbeitsschritte nochmal ansehen kannst.

What if I still have questions?

Then you send me an email via hello@vivienrenziehausen.com and I'm happy to help you!

Needed software

Adobe Creative Cloud-Foto Abo


To be able to book my offer, you need Lightroom Classic or the Adobe Creative Cloud Photo plan.

We work almost exclusively with Lightroom, but very rarely it can also be the case that we have to edit things in Photoshop. The Adobe photo subscription includes Lightroom Classic and Photoshop and costs around 11 Euro per month, depending on the country.

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