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Professional drone photography


Immerse yourself in the world of aerial photography with professional drone photo and videography. Witness how each moment becomes a work of art through the lens of my drone.

Aerial shots not only add an unparalleled dimension to your story but also create an emotional highlight. With these unique perspectives, you not only captivate visually but also evoke deep emotions in your audience. Let's conquer the sky together, turning it into your creative playground, and create unforgettable aerial shots that lift eyes upwards.

Welcome to a new era of photography!

Aerial photos: Your key to visual excellence for hotels, businesses, yachts and architects!


Innovative drone photography unveils a diverse range of visual possibilities. In the age of digital presentation, it becomes increasingly crucial for hotels, businesses, yacht owners and charters, as well as architects to stand out from the crowd and tell unique stories.

My advanced drone allows hotels to showcase their best and most individualistic side on virtual platforms. Professional aerial shots give these establishments a distinctive allure that surpasses traditional photography. Prospective guests can experience the breathtaking surroundings and luxurious atmosphere even before arrival, not only boosting booking interest but also fostering an emotional connection.

For businesses, aerial shots provide an invaluable opportunity to present their locations, production facilities, or office spaces. Captured from above, these perspectives not only convey size and professionalism but also establish a visual identity that lingers in memory. This is particularly crucial in an era where the first online impression often makes the decisive difference.

Innovative perspectives: Drone photography as a game-changer for businesses, yachts and architectural projects

Yacht owners and charter companies equally benefit from drone photography. Unique aerial shots capture not only the beauty of yachts but also highlight exclusive travel experiences. Potential charter customers get a glimpse of the unparalleled adventure awaiting them, while yacht owners can showcase their proud possessions in a new light against the vastness of the ocean.

Architects, on the other hand, can use aerial shots to display their masterpieces in their full architectural glory. Every line, every detail captured from a bird's eye view conveys not only aesthetics but also the harmonious integration into the surroundings. This is invaluable for presenting construction projects and attracting new clients.

In a world where visual appeal is increasingly significant, drone photography offers more than just a top-down view; it opens new horizons for marketing, presentation, and emotional connection. Let's explore the possibilities of aerial shots together and give your story the wings it deserves.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer only drone photography or also videos?

I offer both drone photos and videos. The videos can vary in terms of duration (between 20 seconds and up to 5 minutes) and perspective (horizontal or vertical).

Are the videos edited and cut?

Yes. I offer edited and readily cut videos (from different scenes) but you can also purchase the unedited and uncut originals - which is the cheaper option.