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Hi, I am Vivien – a professional & experienced photographer for hotels, yachts & businesses.


Increase your booking rate, visibility & reputation significantly through high-quality images.

For hotels, resorts, architects, developers, real estate agents and yacht owners/charters.

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You sell a high-quality experience? 

Make sure your visuals reflect that. Otherwise people perceive you as the one who promises more than what is delivered. 

Because if you do not even invest in professional photos for marketing…. how can your services be first-class?

The quality of your photos make a huge difference of how you are being perceived.

My services

High quality photos

Aerial photos with drone

Underwater & split shots (half over and half under water)

Short videos & ready-to-use Reels

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Assimomitis Yachting, Mykonos, Greece

Salty Boat Trips, Mykonos, Greece

Lunettes, Mykonos, Greece

Kivotos Hotel, Mykonos, Greece

Bianco a Nero Hotel, Mykonos, Greece

Pelican Bay Hotel, Mykonos, Greece

Anna Tsalikian architects, Mykonos, Greece

Bestwaves Yachtcharter, Mallorca, Spain

Flämig Real Estate, Germany

Powerhouse Frankfurt GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt, Germany

Robert Littmann Immobilien, Bremen, Germany

Wahlers Zimmerei & Dachdeckerei, Worpswede, Germany

Whirlpool & Living, Posthausen, Germany

Plangrad architects, Bremen, Germany

Das weiße Büro, Scharbeutz, Germany

Kaars | Schlichtmann architects, Bremen, Germany

Become visible and stay in mind – be one step ahead of your competition!

For hotels, architects, developers, real estate agents and private individuals.

Innenarchitektur Interiorfotografie Wohnhaus von Vivien Renziehausen
Mykonos hotel photography

stand out from the crowd and actively design your professional appearance – with outstanding photos of your hotel or property.


You get new clients and boost your booking rate. Plus: become more attractive to possible new employees!


stay competitive and maintain a strong reputation: on your website, in social media, magazines and on relevant portals.


make your projects visible and tangible for everyone or make a statement about your high quality property.


document your work, a phase of your life or even your life’s work and its quality.


your business will experience significantly more visibility and awareness – with potential guests, customers, publishing specialist journalists or new employees.

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Boost your booking rate with professional photos

Professionalism and passion for your projects!

Fotograf für Businessportraits

Hi, my name is Vivien Renziehausen and I am a professional photographer specialized in architecture and interior design for hotels, resorts, shops, businesses and yachts. I am located in northern Germany and Mykonos, Greece, and am available worldwide.

The secret to a successful business is to be competitive and to stay in people’s mind. How do you do that? By reaching them emotionally.

High quality architectural photography is the first and most important medium to invest in if you want to be visible, gain recognition and stand out from your competition. 

Images create emotions and convey a certain message – your message! They capture moments and document life – forever. Being good at marketing is not about saying the right things so that you get people to like you. Next week nobody will remember a great text or a particularly nice sentence about your offer. It is about connecting with your audience and potential customers on an emotional level and the best way to do that is through powerful images. Successful businesses understand the power of good photography because the customers you attract are a direct reflection of your marketing.

I also offer aerial images with my drone and underwater photos which is particularly important for yacht and boat photography as well as hotels (swimmingpool captures).

For the best results:

Professionalism in every step

Preliminary talk

I take my time to listen to you and to understand your wishes and visions and advise you on perspectives, lighting moods and rights of use. With the preliminary talk we lay the foundation for a successful and relaxed photo shoot.


Based on your wishes, the shooting starts in the morning or in the late afternoon, adapted to the required lighting and wind conditions in case we are shooting outside, take aerials or undewater images.


Max. 5 workdays after the photo shoot your photos will be available to you. These are high-end post-processed by me based on your desired look and feel to match the style of already existing images. Enjoy your unique photos that will make you stand out both online and in print media!

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Effective marketing for your business with professional photos

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