About Vivien

Hi, I'm Vivien and my expertise is in architecture and interior photography, especially in the harmonious interaction of nature and architecture and the combination of natural and artificial light sources. I love breathing life into buildings and showing them in the context of their surroundings. With my eye drawn to symmetry and light, I find shapes, curves and lines that inspire me almost everywhere. Not only do I have a very good technical understanding, but also a good eye for details and unusual perspectives. Understanding the structure itself and the needs and vision of the architect is the key to successful architectural documentation. For me it is a matter of course to interpret the architect's work visually in such a way that his idea of ​​how the building should look and how it should affect the viewer is fulfilled. We work closely together on this, because I believe that extraordinary creativity is the result of very good teamwork. 

I am also a world traveler and have been to 44 countries, spent some time in Honduras and Egypt and speak German, English and Spanish. Living among other cultures, nations and people has sharpened my view and sense of the essence of a person or place, which is clearly reflected in my photography.

"I've always been fascinated by shapes, lines, colors and the life in someone or something. It doesn't matter whether it's people, buildings or landscapes: I show what you can't see but only feel. My goal is to reflect the character of a building or to represent the personality of a person or company in a creative yet authentic way. In my spare time I am passionate about photographing landscapes. At first glance, landscape photography seems to have nothing in common with business or architectural photography, but on closer inspection you realize that everything is connected. Nature taught me everything and sharpened and refined my skills.”

Always in a good mood, I can quickly adapt to sudden changes in plans, weather conditions or other unplanned surprises thanks to my relaxed, spontaneous and flexible nature and I don't let myself be disturbed or even spoil my mood. “Nothing happens without a reason” is my motto. Working with me is professional, uncomplicated and fun because I am always willing to go the extra mile and am available for bookings worldwide.

I am also the CEO and founder of my company This Wonderful Life, a web design and online marketing agency where passion and talent come together. While my business partner is a journalist, wordsmith and concept planner, I bring my photography, aesthetic sense and technical understanding to the table, making us a highly creative and successful duo.