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Do you know the feeling when you see a picture and it creates an emotion within you? It might be curiosity, joy, astonishment or it might even be love. When a photo triggered an emotion, you will never forget it.

Photography makes things, places, cultures, customs, buildings and monuments tangible. You may have never been to the Eiffel Tower in Paris but still you know how it looks like, right? Well, you do not need the Eiffel Tower in your garden to attract guests or clients, all you need are powerful photos that stick in people’s heads and create emotions.

Being good at marketing is not about saying the right things so that you get people to like you. Next week nobody will remember a great text or a particularly nice sentence about your offer. It is about connecting with your audience and potential customers on an emotional level and the best way to do that is through powerful images. Successful businesses understand the power of good photography because the customers you attract - or not attract - are a direct reflection of your marketing.


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Think about your own experiences as a consumer. How often do you make a quick assumption about a brand or business, after merely a quick glance at their website? No matter if it's a small boutique hotel or a big resort, the images in the catalogue, on the website or on social media are crucial to the success of the hotel.”


„EAn exhilarating journey where emotion and artistry meet in the captivating world of yacht photography. Yacht photography is more than just documenting luxury ships; it is a form of art that captures the essence of opulence, elegance and the boundless freedom of the open sea.”


“Commercial spaces such as shops, office buildings or public buildings require a representation that sums up their respective purpose and use. Commercial photography is intended to increase awareness and thus sales, so it is essential that positive emotions are generated and that the viewer feels comfortable.”

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About Vivien

Originally from Germany I now live on Mykonos, Greece, and work in different projects worldwide. My expertise lies in yacht and architecture photography whereby my focus is in particular on the harmonious interplay of nature and architecture and the combination of natural and artificial light sources. I love breathing life into buildings and showing them in the context of their surroundings.

For me, yacht photography is more than just documenting luxurious ships; it is an art form that captures the essence of opulence, elegance and the boundless freedom of the open sea. Blending artistry and technical precision, yacht photography transports us to a realm where time stands still and the possibilities are as wide as the horizon.

With my eye for symmetry and light, I find shapes, curves and lines that inspire me almost everywhere. Not only do I have a very good technical understanding, but also a good eye for details and unusual perspectives.

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