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If you are looking for specific visual content for your company, brand or marketing purposes, Vivien is your best choice. She has worked for brands, tourism and real estate agents worldwide.

Her flexibility and easy-going, friendly attitude makes her a pleasure to work with, even when you face unexpected difficulties or last minute changes.

Private & small group workshops

1:1 or small group photography workshops

You would like to learn photography and make better photos? You want to learn the basics of post processing or improve your skills? Would you like to go out on a photography session with me and have me look over your shoulder? 

I offer 1:1 individual private or small group (max. 6) photography sessions that are based on your demand. For more info, please click on the button below.



Architecture & Real Estate

Architectural photography allows people to virtually visit a building they may never get the opportunity to see with their own eyes in their lifetime but architecture photography is a difficult task. It takes some experience, trial and error, technique and patience to create outstanding images that not only document buildings. With the pictures of a building it is possible for the architect to communicate and showcase his work, create media attention and actively shape epochs of architecture.

Professional Real Estate Photography has become essential to every realtor and property seller’s marketing strategy. Although many agents might be tempted to do their own photos as there can be found enough tutorials and guides in the internet, real estate photography is not as easy as it sounds and visual content becomes more and more important. There are many statistics that show that professional photographs can make realtors or sellers listings sell up to 32% faster in average. A fast sale means more money plus it boosts your reputation as the fast-selling go-to agent for real estate.


With her extraordinary eye for symmetry and beauty, Vivien creates high-quality and excellent portraits of homes and buildings that go far beyond normal architecture or real estate photography. As a good preparation and communication with the architect or client is essential to get stunning results, Vivien has a specific workflow in order to get a feeling for the upcoming project. Please click the button below to learn more and to inquire about her availability and prices.

Vivien is currently based in Bremen, Germany, but is available for projects all over the world. She speaks German, English and Spanish fluently.



Landscape & Travel

In her landscape and travel photography Vivien shows the vastness and beauty of nature and travel-related topics, sometimes in combination with man-made features or disturbances. For her it is about capturing a place, a culture, people, moments, history or an atmosphere in a single picture or a series of picture to tell a visual story, pulling the viewer into it and making their busy daily life stand still for a while.

Her pictures are not only pieces of relaxation and tranquility that enhance homes and offices but also help promote specific destinations, tell a story or upgrade advertisements, magazines, nature reserves and touristic organizations.

On request, Vivien’s services also include high-quality texts in combination with some high-end photos as a complete story in German or English. Vivien is available worldwide and speaks German, English and Spanish fluently. Please click the button below to learn more about her availability and prices.



People & Brand

You are looking for individual, authentic photos that show your true you? You need visual content that convey your company’s message visually?

When you are planning a brand photography shooting with Vivien, forget about photo studios and the common headshots. Vivien will want to work with you in your natural habitat to create a collection of professional images that represent the very essence of yourself, your team or your brand. Her goal is to visually communicate who you are, what you do and what differentiates you. You can consider these images a visual journey that shows the many layers of your personality and business, your message and your true, authentic self.

Vivien is available for visual content projects worldwide and speaks German, English and Spanish fluently. Please click the button below to learn more about her availability and prices.