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About me


Meet Vivien

Vivien Renziehausen is a landscape and travel photographer; backpacking the world since she is 18 years old. So far, she has been to more than 43 countries with more to come. There are some places she’s really attached to, like her hometown Bremen, Germany, beautiful Dahab in South Sinai, Egypt, or the island of Roatán, Honduras.

In her work Vivien captures the vastness of our planet and gives the opportunity to see the greatness, perfection and beauty of nature all over the world.

“I have been fascinated by the complexity and perfect interaction of this Creation all my life.  Most of my childhood I spent outside, roaming around the forests on the back of my pony and exploring the nature around me. Capturing special moments, life and freedom as found in sunrises, sunsets, dramatic cloud formations, oceans, mountains, deserts and forests just makes me happy and grateful.”

Her images have been featured in different well-known magazines and platforms such as the Landscape Photography Magazine, Feature Shoot, some local newspapers etc. Vivien is known for playing with different lighting conditions and capturing the myriad of colors that nature has to offer.

“Landscape photography makes me humble. It keeps me sane because it reminds me how small I am in comparison to this perfect and stunning Creation. It gives me a different perspective of my daily struggles and problems and makes me feel the presence of something greater. I want to create awareness for the amazing beauty and vastness of our planet, to show the perfection of nature and our ecosystem and that we have to care for it and preserve it. This beauty is right at our doorstep, all we have to do is to open our eyes, hearts and minds to experience it.”

Vivien loves to combine her passion for horses, travel and photography and often explores remote countries on the back of a horse. She loves to dive into foreign cultures and to get to know different ways of living. When staying in Egypt she usually spends some time in the desert with the bedouins. 

“When somebody tells me that my photographs made their day a bit brighter and that they almost feel as if they were there because my photography created an emotion within them – that is what makes me really happy and keeps me going. I couldn’t ask for a bigger compliment.”

Also, she is the CEO and founder of her company This Wonderful Life, where she can be creative and dive into brand photography.

Interested in collaborating?

Say hello and contact Vivien with any inquiries to and feel free to follow her on Instagram (@vivienrenziehausen)

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